Introduction: and all the thoughts will remain …

Click on my face after reading the IntroductionWelcome at ‘art generated by [technology driven] telepathic performances‘. You may use the term 1. TelepathicArt 2. TelephaticArt 3. TechnopathicArt [ see -> about the history of the term ‘telephatic‘]. Have fun und much success in your work!

Reiner Schneeberger
For live performances and in virtual worlds I use a ROT-13 Ceasar coding of my name so it comes to ‘Ervare’ [ervare stands in African language for ‘the one knowing’]. Click on my blue telephatic face after you finished this introduction to get more facts …

I am very happy that I can actually perform, moderate and witness this step in art happenings now. I am in programming since 1974 [as I was at highschool]. In 1978 I became a lecturer at the Art Departement at the University of Munich for Digital Art. To gain a deeper understanding of ‘The Brain’ in communication I met Ned Herrmann in the 80ths and ‘Brain Dominance Research’ stayed in my focus until today.

Currently (06/2013) 24-years old application programmer Daniel Jung works at the University of Berlin on his thesis “Reading brainwaves for navigation in virtual environments and prospects for HR“. As I am his tutor I had the idea to recode the MONDRIAN artmachine [by Herbert W. Franke] of 1979 and bring it to a Virtual Envirnoment where particants will generate the MONDRIAN cubes just by “their brain”.

I was one of the performers at the liveperformers meeting Rome 2013 and announced that the ‘EPOC headset’ will be used for interactive art in the future.

Due to the support of Tan Le, developer of EPOC and founder of emotiv Inc, I can proudly announce ‘the future is now: Telepathy in Art happens‘! I sent an application, supported by 25 3D-artists from Europe, Australia, New Zealand, USA, Brasil, for the ROBOT Festival in Bologna, Italy [Oct. 2013] to get for TelephaticArt an audience. Join the ROBOT ART festival in Bologna 2013 !


Watch Digital Art burning in the Volcano. May the Volcano produce MONDRIAN cubes driven by your brainwaves 🙂

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More to come here as the MONDRIAN3 Telephatic art machine is awaiting instructions. Be the first TJ (Telepathic Jockey/Junky) as for sure after DJs, VJs there will be TJs *laughs*

Now click on ‘my blue telephatic face’ to turn Telepathy ON!

Telepathy ON

bo_reiner_suit_hand_2013Now the facts ‘MAKE BELIEVE’:

To show that interaction with computers can happen via ‘the brain‘ [no keyboard, no mouse, no cables] you may first have a look at a development of a game I am in a way ‘involved’. First I am a Kickstarter of the project ‘Son of Nor’ by ‘Still Alive Studios’. I recomend that you first watch die Youtube video and then you continue to read.


Is´nt it Awesome as Julian says?

Now you believe, that ‘thoughts’ can steer computers and so objects in a virtual world can be created just out of your imagination. In this game, ‘Son of Nor’ I will design a NPC (Non Playing Character). This character could be a person living in the dessert knowing ‘The Art of Healing’. To get the ‘Healing Prim’ the gamer has to pass some tests … so long for this chapter. [In case you are a professional in ‘the health sector’ then visit [later on] the ‘World Virtual Institute of Preventive and Regenerative Medicine’ WVIPRM where I implement VR technology like 3D-opensimulator]

An EPOC device, like the one you saw in the video, hidden under a helmet would have classified the person using it as a ‘telepathic’ some years ago. Centuries ago this person would have been ‘a magican’, ‘a prophet’ or even ‘a God’. Let´s look at Arthur C. Clark´s  famous word, known as the 3rd law of prediction (1973): “Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic “. But there is even an older source, published: “I knew a magician,” Charles Fort wrote in Wild Talents (1932), “I was a witness of a performance that may some day be considered understandable, but that, in these primitive times, so transcends what is said to be the known that it is what I mean by magic.”

The website of explains how the EPOC headset works and how the person using it can test and train. And it looks cool for sure.

Brainwaves detection is quite an ‘old business’, called EGG. Some said it is a dead end in research as it is not interactive. But the frontier has extended in the last years. Computers and software made letter recognition possible: “0,8 sec for 1 letter”


There is a product made in Austria I tried some years ago with success. I could actually ‘see‘ the computer typing what I was thinking, letter by letter, digit by digit [recognition rate was about 80%]. Please click on the picture ‘g.Scarabeo’ and you see a video. The product made by g.tec is used in medicine for handicapped persons and is designed for a use by wire – not so cool for artists ‘in motion’. Sorry to say this, but the company did not listen to me to make an ‘artist version’ [at least not until now].

Let´s go on with the ‘cool stuff’. Art creation within the center of ‘The Volcano’. I am a bit unlucky that Bologna, Italy [where the ROBOT Festival happens in October 2013] is not located next to ‘The Vesuvio’ (Mount Vesuvius). But some 100 miles more or less: Has this any meaning in art?


Now lets see some ‘DRAFT’ screenshots of ‘The Art Volcano’.



But I have even better: I share with you the first experiment ‘of a thought in the Volcano’ – just 30 seconds of ‘brainwaves’. First User came to: MAKE BELIEVE. Just click on the artwork, made by Art Blue,  ‘make it‘.


Dissapointed? Just a few cubes came out of the Volcano? Yes this is it indeed! Technology is working. One cube by brain or 100? Where is the point? Imagine there are a few ‘brains’. There are many. Now artists are about to take ‘it over’.

Until today [27. June 2013] there are artworks of 25 artists to feed the Volcano. I will make some Photo-Albums in facebook where you can see the collection growing.

bo_FreeWee_marionette_CoppeliaBut you can also just relax as this ‘green’ robot ‘Prim Marionette’ does. You can get him for FREE at SIM Coppelia [in SL], made by FreeWee Ling, curator at UWA University of Western Australia. Coppelia is the home of many artists, like Jo Ellsmere.

All the works are presented around the Volcano and carried by robots to the top … ready to be transformed in Bologna to MONDRIAN3 cubes by ‘the brain’. Become ‘AN EYE’ to visit the simulator world-wide. The 3D-viewer is available for download and for interested artista a pre-visit as ‘an EYE-Avatar‘ is possible.

bo_thedaybeforeList of contributing artists:

Bonafidenutts Aries, USA
Sisi Biedermann, Sweden
Ray Blue, Austria
Fiona Blaylock, USA
Art Blue, Germany
Feathers Boa, USA
Navah Dreams, Greece
Reezy Frequency, USA
Garvie Garzo, Canada
Issis Karu, Canada
Met Knelstrom, Germany
Nicci Lane, Australia
Excess Lemmon, United Kingdom
Gaianed Lindman, Switzerland
FreeWee Ling, USA
Attard Magic, Malta
Kalkara Magic, Malta
Cherry Manga, France
Meilo Minotaur, Portugal
Soror Nishi, United Kingdom
SaveMe Oh, USA
Neo Prim, Germany
AM Radio, USA
CapCat Ragu, Portugal
Creative Starfall, Portugal

The ‘Primexplorer’-Group and more …

Finally you may click on the MONDRIAN3 link to go on …