Introduction: and all the thoughts will remain …

Click on my face after reading the IntroductionWelcome at ‘art generated by [technology driven] telepathic performances‘. You may use the term 1. TelepathicArt 2. TelephaticArt 3. TechnopathicArt [ see -> about the history of the term ‘telephatic‘]. Have fun und much success in your work!

Reiner Schneeberger
For live performances and in virtual worlds I use a ROT-13 Ceasar coding of my name so it comes to ‘Ervare’ [ervare stands in African language for ‘the one knowing’]. Click on my blue telephatic face after you finished this introduction to get more facts …

I am very happy that I can actually perform, moderate and witness this step in art happenings now. I am in programming since 1974 [as I was at highschool]. In 1978 I became a lecturer at the Art Departement at the University of Munich for Digital Art. To gain a deeper understanding of ‘The Brain’ in communication I met Ned Herrmann in the 80ths and ‘Brain Dominance Research’ stayed in my focus until today.

Currently (06/2013) 24-years old application programmer Daniel Jung works at the University of Berlin on his thesis “Reading brainwaves for navigation in virtual environments and prospects for HR“. As I am his tutor I had the idea to recode the MONDRIAN artmachine [by Herbert W. Franke] of 1979 and bring it to a Virtual Envirnoment where particants will generate the MONDRIAN cubes just by “their brain”.

I was one of the performers at the liveperformers meeting Rome 2013 and announced that the ‘EPOC headset’ will be used for interactive art in the future.

Due to the support of Tan Le, developer of EPOC and founder of emotiv Inc, I can proudly announce ‘the future is now: Telepathy in Art happens‘! I sent an application, supported by 25 3D-artists from Europe, Australia, New Zealand, USA, Brasil, for the ROBOT Festival in Bologna, Italy [Oct. 2013] to get for TelephaticArt an audience. Join the ROBOT ART festival in Bologna 2013 !


Watch Digital Art burning in the Volcano. May the Volcano produce MONDRIAN cubes driven by your brainwaves 🙂

976944_130473150488877_824526453_o[1]  468399_130473177155541_217919148_o[1]  966949_130473117155547_1694433074_o[1]  964640_132537203615805_1754839137_o[1]  bo_free_me_08  bo_epoc

More to come here as the MONDRIAN3 Telephatic art machine is awaiting instructions. Be the first TJ (Telepathic Jockey/Junky) as for sure after DJs, VJs there will be TJs *laughs*

Now click on ‘my blue telephatic face’ to turn Telepathy ON!

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